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Must-See Sports Moments of the Week: June 5-11

Must-see moments from this week in sports include a Texas Ranger shattering a fan's smartphone, social media shoe shade and a floating German.


There's No App For That: Rangers' DH Prince Fielder's home run smashed more than just the hopes of Astros fans. His fourth-inning shot also shattered the screen of a fan's smartphone, who, subsequently earned Fan of the Game from Fox Sports Southwest reporter Jim Knox.


What are those?!: Under Armour and reigning MVP Steph Curry received quite a bit of shade on Twitter Thursday about the release of his newest shoe. A Cleveland Cavaliers fan site couldn't resist jumping in.


Floating German: When you need to test out your new lazy river, give the job to a 7-foot German. Dirk Nowitzki was the first to take a dip in the Frisco Rough Riders' new river after the Maverick's charity baseball game.


Firing Back: Sharks' defenseman Brent Burns had enough of a Penguins superfan during warmups before Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals Thursday. Burns tried to will a wrister through the glass, but bounced away, apparently adding fuel to the fan's fire. [[382468141,C]]


Nuthin' But A Wild Pitch:
Snoop Dogg might have had too much gin and juice before he threw out the first pitch at a San Diego Padres game Wednesday. Or maybe he was just dropping it like it's hot.


Nice Grab, Dad: A foul ball that was too much trouble for a few rows of fans at Wednesday's Nationals-White Sox game was no big deal for a man holding an infant. The man non-chalantly reached in front of his lady friend to snag the ball with one hand while barely disturbing the child with the other. [[382335331,C]]

Child Impresses Cubs: After 7-year-old Beckham Zobrist lost his eye to cancer, he felt shunned by his classmates, according to WGN-TV. He asked for a prosthetic eye with his favorite team's logo to win them over and he ended up winning over several major leaguers.


Record-Breaking Race: Two people died in the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race this year alone, but that didn't deter Michael Dunlop. The motorcycle driver averaged 133.4 mph to destroy the course's lap record.


Cheat Mode Goal: Peru’s Christian Cueva takes a pass, spins, kicks the ball through a defender's legs and scores a goal seemingly all in one motion. Before the game, he reportedly pressed up, right, right, down, down down and then start.



U Mad Bro?: Orioles infielder Manny Machado apparently doesn't like being hit by 99 mph fastballs, so he let Kansas City starter Yordano Ventura know. This incident should help put into perspective how good a shot Rougned Odor landed on Toronto's Jose Bautista.


Copycat: Speaking of Rougned Odor, he joined Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus in the art of "pretending to make a play next to the guy actually making a play" Tuesday night. The Rangers infield has to be the most entertaining in baseball.


Golfball Bird: This bird found a new toy on a golf course in Brazil Friday. The siriema, as identified by, seeks out a hard surface and twice spikes a golf ball onto it.


Wiener Grab: After chasing a foul ball into the stands Tuesday night, Indians' Juan Uribe briefly considered taking a fan's hot dog. Despite rising ballpark food prices, the fan proffered the hot dog to Uribe, who declined.


Goooooaaaaal: Greece soccer player Ioannis Maniatis booted what has to be the longest goal of the year in a friendly match against Australia in Sydney Tuesday. Give a little credit to Australia's goalkeeper, who was caught snoozing just a little out of position.



An Impressive Short Game: If you ever needed another argument for why golf isn't boring, here you go. Not a hole in one, but possibly the best piece of putting you will ever see. It even ends with toast.

Manager/Defensive End?: N.C. State baseball coach Elliot Avent was unhappy with a call in Monday's 8-1 victory over Coastal Carolina and he wasn't going to be denied an argument. When another umpire tried to intervene, Avent unleashed a spin move that would make Dwight Freeney proud. [[382069611,C]]

Lightning Fuels Rivalry: The people who run official NFL team Twitter accounts are probably pretty bored this time of year. Mother Nature threw them a bone Monday.


Horror-Ball: What is going on here? It's hard to say, but it appears that characters from horror films "The Grudge" and "The Ring" are squaring off on the diamond in Japan.


Mocking Peyton: The Denver Broncos stopped at the White House Monday during their Super Bowl tour and give President Obama his own jersey. Obama showed his appreciation by mocking a future Hall of Famer's audible nomenclature.



Explosive Race:
This was probably not the way driver Jack Beckman intended to explode out of the gates during qualifying at the NHRA New England Nationals Saturday. We can joke because Beckman, amazingly, was unharmed


Penguins Pump-Up Video: If this doesn't get you psyched for Penguins hockey, nothing will. Steelers safety Ross Ventrone takes his hockey skills to the streets of Pittsburgh to get fans ready for the Stanley Cup finals.

Enthusiastic Announcer: Finnish announcer Antti Mäkisen must've watched Ventrone's video before the San Jose Sharks beat the Penguins in overtime in Game 3 Saturday night.


Record Breaking Softball HR: Former major leaguer Jose Canseco returns to North Texas to participate in a home run derby after a Frisco Rough Riders minor league game Saturday. In an attempt to break his world record for the "longest softball home run of 622 feet," he calls his shot and...


Pitcher's BP Show: Speaking of long home runs, who else but a pitcher would put on the biggest batting practice show of the weekend. San Francisco Giants ace Madison Bumgarner hits one an estimated 460 feet before Sunday's game against the St. Louis Cardinals.


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