Must-See Sports Moments of the Week: June 19-25

Must-see moments from this week in sports include a golf shot out of a man's mouth, a trick dunk gone wrong and a trick shot battle.


Tee Shot on 18th Mouth: For some reason, people continue to let John Daly hit golf balls out of their mouhts. The latest "victim" is a casino chairman, who sets up in what appears to be a neighborhood.


'A' for Effort: Tyrell Clary, an Alabama community college basketball player, shows off for some children by attempting to dunk over seven of them. The kids had to be impressed that he almost cleared all of them.


Trick Shot Challenge: What is it, trick shot day? Retired Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo challenges current Brazilian soccer star Neymar to a trick shot battle.


Trick Shot Challenge Accepted: Neymar accepted Ronaldo's challenge and won.



Smashed Potatoes: A pierogi race is odd enough, but the fact that it was "Legends of Wrestling Night" at PNC Park in Pittsburgh took it to a new level. One pierogi gets a Stone Cold Stunner while another gets an elbow from Big Poppa Pump. [[384081651,C]]

Baseball Ready: Apparently Lehigh Valley IronPigs catcher Andrew Knapp and his pitcher weren't on the same page Wednesday night. That, or he called for a fastball to the chest.


Kid Tests NFL Player: Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith is one of the tougher pound-for-pound players in the NFL, but that didn't deter a kid at a football camp from letting him now of his affinity for a rival team. Smith looked like he wanted to respond so badly...


Team Effort: Dodgers' 2B Chase Utley made a pretty athletic play just to get a glove on a foul ball in Wednesday's game against the Nationals, but 1B Adrian Gonzalez' heads up play turned it into the combo catch of the day.


Walk-Off Home Run: Dodgers' fans got a second treat Wednesday night on Yasiel Puig's "little league" home run. It's likely the only time this season you'll see a home run on a ground ball up the middle.



Messi's Insane Kick: Follow soccer, don't follow soccer, it doesn't matter. Even though it was against the US Men's National Team, you have to appreciate Lionel Messi's free kick that put Argentina up 2-0 Tuesday.


Bow Down to Messi: Messi's free kick was too much for one Argentina fan, who had to run on the field and meet his hero. The fan ended up with a hug, a signed jersey and probably an arrest.


Go Jump in a Lake: Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo, no doubt disappointed about his team's 1-1 draw with Iceland, let a reporter know he wanted no part of his questions.


World's Fastest Pit Stop: How quickly can you change a tire? If it takes longer than 2 seconds, the Williams Formula 1 pit crew isn't impressed. They changed one in 1.92 seconds at the Grand Prix of Europe.


Hidden Ball Trick: Cincinnati Reds 3B Eugenio Suarez snagged a grounder off the bat of Adrian Beltre in Tuesday's game against the Rangers and then lost it. In his glove.


Clean Hair, Don't Care: What is going on here? Oh, just one Arizona baseball player giving another a shampoo and rinse in the dugout during their game against Oklahoma State Tuesday. This angered the baseball gods, who punished the Wildcats with a 1-0 loss.



Sister Act:
Nothing says baseball like sunshine, beer, nuns and selfies. One of a group of "nuns" who attended Monday's Diamondbacks-Phillies game in Philadelphia captures herself sipping a Miller Lite with her iPhone. [[383786321,C]]

Nothing says baseball like nuns, dancing and the Phlillie Phanatic... [[383786571,C]]

Rain, Rain, Go Away: Oklahoma State's and Arizona's baseball teams had to find a way to pass the time during the rain delay that postponed the start of their College World Series game Monday. A few Cowboys' players made good use of a few water bottles.


Cat-Like Ball Girl: No one would have minded if the Pittsburgh Pirates ball girl had let the foul ball go when it took a funny hop during Monday's game against the Giants. Since it seemed like no trouble for her to reach out and snag it with her bare hand, though...


Odell Gilmore: Is there anything New York Giants wide reciever Odell Beckham can't do? When he's not catching footballs with three fingers or showing off his arm strength, Beckham hits running home runs at a charity softball game in upstate New York.



Touching Moment:
Maybe because they clinched the title on Father's Day. After being a part of his first NBA Championship, Cavs guard J.R. Smith broke down remembering his parents.


Or...: Kevin Love, also celebrating his first NBA Championship, went a different route, paying homage to Stone Cold Steve Austin. [[383613171,C]]

'Worth the Wait': While Nike hasn't been waiting as long as Cleveland to celebrate a championship, but they were undoubtedly happy that their face of basketball, LeBron James, beat surging Under Armour's, Steph Curry.


2 Ryans, 1 Bike: Rob and Rex Ryan ride a tandem bike. What more do you need to know? [[383648121,C]]

Father's Day Lesson: Catching a foul ball is one of the best things that can happen to a kid at a baseball game. A dad a Sunday's Rockies-Marlins game showed his son something that might be even better...


Second Chance: Speaking of foul balls, missing a chance at catching a foul ball has to be one of the most frustrating things that can happen at a baseball game because you never know when you'll get another opportunity. After having one bounce out of his hands at Sunday's Mariners-Red Sox game, a lucky fan only had to wait a few innings. [[383622971,C]]

Own Goal? No: A Sporting Kansas City player tried to pass the ball to his goalie during Sunday's match against FC Dallas, but instead kicked it into his own goal. Despite the ball being more than a foot across the line, the refs missed it. The sports gods atoned, though, as FC Dallas scored less than a minute later anyway. [[383631611,C]]

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