Muslim Family in Plano Says Vandals Targeted Home Twice

A Muslim family in Plano says they are living in fear after vandals struck their home twice in two days.

The family moved in a home near a mosque in east Plano six weeks ago.

Tuesday night, they said their home was pelted with rocks.

Then on Wednesday, they said a large rock came crashing through their dining room window. The family was home during both incidents, and nobody was hurt.

"I do feel like we're being targeted. We live near a mosque. I'm covered. I wear the hijab," said a family member.

The family asked to keep their names private out of fear of retaliation.

Plano police are investigating but say, at this point, there is no evidence to suggest the vandalism is a hate crime.

Reports like this are coming in more often to the DFW chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations. Executive Director Alia Salem said they've increased since the attacks in San Bernardino and Paris.

"We've been receiving reports for the past few months, probably about 2-3 per week. We're now getting them about 2-3 per day," Salem said.

The Plano family said they're stepping up security in case the vandals return.

"Please stop," the mother said. "Whoever is doing this, please stop. It's not right. We're all Americans and we just need to be friendly and nice to each other and not try to hurt each other."

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