Muscovy Duck Rescued, Recuperated and Reunited With Family

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Richardson Animal Services helped save a Muscovy duck in the area over the weekend.

“We had received a similar complaint four days ago for this same duck [that it had been hobbling around a pond area] but officers were unable to capture him or assess the cause of the slight hobble,” Sydney Ross with Richardson Animal Services said. “When approached, he flew away and was able to swim just fine.”

She said a few days later, one of the shelter's officers found the duck. Its condition was getting worse.

“It appeared his ankles were tangled in fishing line so tight that he could not separate his feet. He would attempt to fly, but when landing, would plop down on his chest, unable to support himself,” Ross said.

The officer was able to capture the duck and get it to the shelter for help.

It took some teamwork, but they were able to free the duck from the hooks and fishing line that was holding it.

“The officers took the recovered patient back to the pond, where his family eagerly awaited his arrival,” Ross said.

Richardson Animal Services said they are using this story as a reminder for people to dispose of fishing equipment properly. They said cases like this happen often simply because people throw their fishing line or hooks into the water instead of throwing them away.

“Please remember to properly dispose of all fishing gear and tackle. People wouldn’t believe how wildly common this issue is in our city alone. Some lose a limb, and some lose a life over something as simple as a few inches of leftover line,” Ross said.

Photos: Muscovy Duck Rescued, Reunited with Family

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