Man Accused of Killing Brothers for $2 and a Ring

Roderick Harris faces a death sentence for 2009 murders

Testimony is under way in the trial of a man accused of killing two brothers during a robbery attempt.

Roderick Harris, 27, is facing two capital murder charges for the deaths of Alfredo and Carlos Gallardo.

Police said Harris randomly stormed into a southeast Dallas trailer and confronted the family of six, including three kids.

The man demanded money from the family who told the man they didn't have any.

Prosecutors said Harris got mad when the family only had $2 and a ring and then forced the frightened family into a closet while threatening to kidnap the family’s 14-year-old daughter.

The girl’s father, Alfredo, and her uncle, Carlos, stepped in.

Police said both men were shot twice, each in the face and upper body.

The family members who witnessed the brutal murders are taking the stand Tuesday.

The teen daughter, now 16, relived the night of March 17, 2009, when Harris is accused of using belts to restrain the family before shooting the brothers.

Omar Gallardo testified that he looked out of his room, saw a gun being held to his father's head and went out his bedroom window for help. He then ran to a security guard who called 911.

Officers arrived as Harris was trying leave.  A shootout ensued and Harris was struck once and taken into custody.

The defense team admits that Harris was there for the robbery, but said they will try to prove that the gun went off accidentally, four times, during a struggle with the two men.

Prosecutors hope to wrap up the trial this week.

If convicted, Harris is facing the death penalty. A sentencing hearing will be Monday at the earliest.

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