Mural of Nolan Ryan's Iconic Fight Against Robin Ventura is Complete

Isaac Davies memorializes an iconic baseball moment

One hot summer night in Arlington almost 24 years ago, between two of the top teams in the American League West at the time - the Chicago White Sox and Texas Rangers - Nolan Ryan hit his first batter of the 1993 season, according to CBS Sports.

What followed that pitch, was a brawl for the ages - 46-year-old Nolan Ryan and 26-year-old Robin Ventura came to fisticuffs in front of the mound before both benches were cleared.

Muralist Isaac Davies has now commemorated this iconic moment from Ryan's career, near the 2700 block of Elm Street, in Deep Ellum.

Ventura was ejected; Nolan Ryan picked off the player who replaced Ventura, Craig Grebeck; and the Rangers got the win, 5-2. The mural shows Ventura in full headlock with an unidentified arm trying to pull him out of Ryan's grip.

That arm is actually a Hall of Fame Ranger, Catcher Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez.

Ventura probably wishes Pudge would have held him back sooner.

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