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Multi-Million Dollar Improvement Project Sets Stage for Dallas County Growth

Work was completed under a joint $10.4 million renovation project

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When it comes to southern Dallas County, people love their neighborhoods.

"By far, [it's] superior to other places because it's a little gem here,” Cedar Hill resident Pamela Agee said. “It's beautiful here; rolling hills. And so, we love it here."

More people seemingly agree.

"It's definitely growing,” Cedar Hill resident Brandon Agee said. “I've noticed a lot of park changes, like new parks. A lot of public buildings as well, and lot of new businesses coming in."

This and future growth is why major infrastructure improvements were made to the intersection of West Wintergreen and North Duncanville roads.

The cities of DeSoto, Duncanville and Cedar Hill are all dangerously connected here.

"This intersection was dangerous,” Duncanville Mayor Barry Gordon said. “It had two 90-degree jogs in it and people were hitting each other all the time. We said, 'how do you fix that?' And we said, 'straighten the road.'"

A joint $10.4 million renovation project did that. Also, more than 13,000 feet of large water main pipes were installed -- all improvements people living here say were needed and are appreciated.

"I think it's an exciting time in Dallas County because we're being paid attention to down here, where we were ignored for so long. So, I'm excited about that," Pamela Agee said.

The infrastructure work should help meet southern Dallas County's projected water needs for the next 50 years of growth.

"I think it's definitely timely because people are looking towards the real estate south of Dallas,” Brandon Agee said. “It's definitely smart to update it right now because people are going to flood in."

However, people who’ve lived in the community a long time are just hoping it doesn't become as congested as other parts of Dallas.

"I love the people in North Dallas,” Pamela Agee said. “But, I'm just being honest, we don't want it to be so crowded that we can't enjoy our life here."

The cities of Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville, the Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas County and The North Central Texas Council of Governments all partnered in this project.

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