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Movie Theaters Chart Difficult Course Forward Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

The National Association of Theatre Owners has launched a new campaign called #SaveYourCinema

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As cases of COVID-19 rise across North Texas, many businesses are confronting the stark reality of an especially lean winter after an already difficult summer and fall.

“The theatrical movie going industry has been especially hard hit, I would say it is among the hardest hit of all the businesses,” said Chanda Brashears, Vice President of Investor and Public Relations for Cinemark.

Plano-based Cinemark says it is better positioned than most to survive the immense challenge of the months ahead. Brashears credits an early emphasis on safety procedures with preserving customer confidence and says the movie theater chain has continued to innovate during the pandemic – offering private screenings and bringing back holiday favorites to the big screen.

“We have the financial where with all to see ourselves through this crisis and continue offering movie-goers that out of home movie experience,” said Brashears.

But other theaters across North Texas have not been as fortunate. Nationwide, Regal Cinemas closed all of their theaters – including one in Dallas and another in Fort Worth. Alamo Drafthouse has also closed its theaters, citing the pandemic.

On social media, the National Association of Theatre Owners has launched a new campaign using the hashtag “save your cinema.” The goal, according to an email, is to “raise awareness and mobilize immediate action so Congress can pass the Save Our Stages (SOS) ACT needed to prevent movie houses big and small from closing for good.”

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