Movers Dent Arlington Woman's Fridge, NBC 5 Responds And Gets Results

When a moving company dented an Arlington woman's refrigerator, she wanted answers, so she called NBC 5 Responds to help.

Janie Peddicord said she hired Two Men & a Truck to help her with a recent move. She said things went off without a hitch except for nine dents in the front of her refrigerator.

Peddicord looked over her contract with the company. She had paid for insurance to cover anything like this and reached out to the company for help.

She filed her claim and waited and waited. It turns out during that time the moving company was sold.

Her contract didn't specify what happened if something like that took place.

She said the new owners were trying to get in touch with the old to get them to handle the problem but she kept waiting with a dented fridge.

She then contacted NBC 5 Responds. That's when the new owners of Two Men and A Truck said even though this happened long before they owned the company, they stand by their moves and their word.

They bought Peddicord a new refrigerator and hauled away the old one as well.

Peddicord couldn't be happier. She said the new owners truly made it right and she wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again.

Here's what you should know if you end up in a similar situation. Companies can be sold at any point in time and when that happens your coverage could be sold to the new owner or stay with old. It depends on every individual deal.

It can’t hurt to ask a company what will happen if their business is sold. If they make you a promise get it writing.

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