Move Over, Slow Down Law Will Apply to TxDOT Workers

The new Move Over/Slow Down law goes into effect Sept. 1

Drivers on Texas highways will be required to give Texas Department of Transportation workers the same courtesy police, fire and emergency vehicles already get in less than a month.

The Move Over/Slow Down law will be expanded beginning Sept. 1 to include TxDOT workers.

When the law goes into effect, drivers must move over one lane or slow down by 20 miles per hour when approaching TxDOT workers and vehicles that are stopped with overhead blue or amber lights flashing. Violators can be fined up to $2,000 if they cause an accident while failing to obey the law.

"This is their office," said Donna Huerta of TxDOT about the workers the law is designed to protect. "This is where they work, and we want them to go home." 

Since 1938, 103 TxDOT employees working in construction areas have been struck and killed by drivers, according to figures released by TxDOT.

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