Motivational Speaker Inspires Richland High School Students

A motivational speaker shared his unique story of perseverance to students at Richland High School this morning.

Kevin Atlas, the first one-armed person to receive a Division I basketball scholarship, is touring the country to support the “Believe in You” Challenge. The goal is to inspire students, administrators and teachers to get out of their comfort zones and believe in themselves.

“Whether you’re too tall, too big, too short, too fat, too skinny, whatever it is,” said Atlas. “We have these insecurities, especially in high school. And if you can embrace your nub, whatever it may be, that’s when you can own yourself.”

Atlas became one of the top high school basketball players in his home state of California despite being born missing half of one arm.

“It sounds a little cliché, but if you want something out of this world, straight-up take it,” said Atlas during this morning’s presentation. “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough because you are good enough. I’m living proof that you are good enough. Own your nub and take it.”

Atlas is encouraging students and faculty members to use the hashtag #BelieveInYouChallenge on social media to share their own stories of attending a school event he or she may not have gone to before.

The former college basketball player will visit 300 schools on his nationwide tour. He has shared his story of overcoming adversity on six continents and 49 states so far.

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