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Mother Wants Justice for Son Killed in Road Rage Shooting

Woman's only child killed while working as a food delivery driver on Sept. 11, 2021

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The mother of a Fort Worth delivery driver killed while attempting to fulfill an order says she is struggling to process the loss of her only child.

Athraa Hezam moved to North Texas from Iraq in search of a better life for herself and her son in 2013.

She said Hamzah Faraj was on the path to the future he hoped for, recently married and working on composing music with hopes of making it his career.

“His goal in the United States was to study and work and have more opportunities to do,” Hezam told NBC 5 with the help of a family friend translating from Arabic.

Those opportunities ended last month when Fort Worth Police said Faraj was killed in a road rage shooting while working as a food delivery driver.

“I can’t believe that. It is like a dream,” she said. "I cannot believe I lost my son.”

Faraj was in southwest Fort Worth just after dusk on Sept. 11 near Altamesa Boulevard and Kingswood Drive. His family said Hamzah honked his horn at another vehicle seconds before he was shot.

Fort Worth police detectives don’t have much of a description other than the vehicle is described as a gray 4-door Dodge pickup.

“I hope they catch him and I want justice for my son,” Hezam said.

Hezam has now made sweatshirts to give away to Faraj’s friends and created a space in her home with his photos and lit candles to keep the memory of her only child alive.

She said she takes comfort in knowing her son signed up to be an organ donor in 2017 and that more than one person has received his organs, including his heart.

“I want to meet the people,” Hezam said. “He allowed them to live, too, through his donations.”

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