Mother of Cowboys' Draft Pick Explains ‘Taco' Nickname

The nickname of the newest Dallas Cowboy has been surrounded by intrigue.

It turns out that it came from a '90s TV commercial.

Most Cowboys fans don't know who Vidauntae Charlton is. They know him by his nickname, Taco.

After the team introduced Charlton, their first round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, his mother, Tamara Charlton, shed some light on the origin of his nickname.

Tamara said her son was born prematurely. While she was pregnant with him, her mother recalled the Taco Bell commercials at the time about "running for the border" and began referring to him as Taco.

"Because he kept trying to come early, [my mom] would encourage me in all my cards...'just keep him in there,'" she said. "Ever since he's been born, he's been named Taco."

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