Mother Credits Passengers, Flight Crew With Saving Daughter's Life

A young mother is crediting strangers with helping to save the life of her 11-month-old daughter aboard an American Airlines flight last week.

Janay Flowers said the flight she was on to DFW was about 10 minutes from landing when her daughter Nevaeh's fever grew severe and was followed by a seizure. 

"She was just jerking like this in my lap over and over again," Flowers said, "I stood up and pushed for help from the flight attendant."

And just a few seats away, Alvin Dodson and Tiffany Lehman, a couple headed home to Kansas, jumped into action. Lehman, a nurse, began removing Nevaeh's clothes as the flight crew brought ice to help cool her down.

"At one point she was on her side and her tongue had gone back to the back of her throat and she had stopped breathing for a couple of seconds," Lehman said.

Lehman helped to pull her tongue out of her airway as Dodson helped to cool Flowers down.

"I know, I know for a fact that her(Tiffany) being there and stepping in and coming as soon as she did, immediately saved Navaeh, Navaeh doesn't have any brain damage because she came immediately," Flowers said.

Lehman and Dodson said as parents, they are just happy they were in a position to help.

"I don't think we could have been any luckier than where we were," Lehman said.

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