Mosquito Expert Predicts More Zika Cases

The man who first discovered West Nile virus in Texas has been screening mosquitoes for the Zika virus all season long.

James Kennedy, a mosquito expert and biology professor at the University of North Texas, says he's not surprised by news of the first locally transmitted case of Zika in Texas and he predicts more cases of mosquitoes infecting people with Zika in Texas next summer.

In his latest collection of mosquitoes last week, he says he didn't the species that carry the Zika virus, which he says means the population isn't very high, but he does predict things to pick back up in the spring.

Experts say don't let your guard down.

If you're traveling somewhere with mild temperatures, experts say use insect repellent, wear clothes that cover your skin.

Continue to protect yourself here at home by draining standing water around your home.

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