Morris Remains Found But “Team Christina” Isn't Finished Searching

They spent three-and-a-half years searching for Christina Morris.

Now that her remains have been found, “Team Christina” says they plan to shift their mission to help find other missing people.

They say they will help search for Michael Chambers, a retired Dallas firefighter who mysteriously disappeared from his home near Quinlan in March 2017.

“We know how hard the searches are,” said Angel Jenkins, a member of “Team Christina.”

They also plan to look for Typhenie Johnson, a 23-year-old who disappeared from a Fort Worth apartment complex in 2016.

Her boyfriend at the time, Christopher Revill, is charged with her kidnapping.

Friends and family have spent countless hours searching for Johnson, much like Team Christina did.

The Facebook page “Help Find Christina Morris” shared a flyer Friday followers to help search for Johnson to bring her home.

“It does get frustrating when you go on for years and you keep going but you don’t find,” said Rosie Aschenbrenner, a “Team Christina” member.

Organizers of a search for Johnson on Saturday said it was the largest turnout they've had in months.

Sixteen people showed up to search woods near the Fort Worth apartment where Johnson disappeared. One man drove from Allen. Another came from Temple.

"Team Christina" says they plan to ramp up searches for other missing people once Christina is laid to rest.

Arrangements for a public memorial are pending.

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