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Dallas Morning News Photographer Knew Image of Harvey Rescue was Powerful

You've likely seen the photo above, taken during the early days of the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort.

The photo shows a Houston SWAT officer carrying a young woman and her child to safety as they escaped rising flood waters.

The image became an iconic symbol of the recovery from the storm.

The photograph was taken by The Dallas Morning News' Senior Staff Photographer Louis DeLuca, who said he knew as soon as he took the photo that it was a powerful image.

"I think that there's something in that photo that transcends just the actual documentation of that moment.  You know, there's a sleeping baby sort of oblivious to what's going on.  And then there's a lady who's obviously worried, but certainly -- apparently by the photo, she felt secure in the arms of her rescuer.  And then of course the rescuer looks like he's doing his job."  "There's a dynamic there of sort of peace and strength that's resonated," said DeLuca.

DeLuca, a Houston native, said it was surreal to see U.S. Highway 59 transformed into a river and that while he knows the recovery will be a long process, he's given hope by what he saw in Houston: People helping people.

You can see more of Louis' photos from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey on The Dallas Morning News' website.

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