More Than 2 Dozen Inmates Released Early

Human error is the reason 25 inmates were released from the Dallas County Jail too early.

Police said they have a new records management system that some officers are unfamiliar with and released the prisoners by mistake.

“As with any kind of technology rollout, yes we experienced some speed bumps along the way,” said Deputy Chief Christina Smith, with the Dallas Police Department.

The new $4 million system was activated on June 1.

“We're only 18 days into it,” said Smith. “So, it's a new system for us.”

That new system is the reason the inmates, including several who were arrested for violent crimes, are on the street.

The new system replaces the previous 30-year-old system.

The recent mishap has Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway concerned.

“Those types of things do concern me. However, we’re going to address it and do something immediately about it,” said Caraway. “But that should have been done well before now.”

Smith said officers were trained on the new system for three to five days before it was launched.

Police said none of the inmates released will be facing any additional charges.

“We are working to get all of these people back in jail and it is concerning that we have possible offenders out there,” said Smith

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