More People Seeking COVID-19 Tests As Delta Variant Cases Increase

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A COVID-19 testing site in Addison run by Neighborhood Medical Center Dallas was busy Wednesday. Several cars were in line with people waiting to get tested for COVID.

"I'm a little concerned because my mom is a little sick,” from a safe distance away Anna Ibarra said about why she was at the center. “So, she is coming to get her test just to make sure she's fine."

Prior to last week, we're told most testing here was for people traveling. Now it seems most people coming in are sick.

"A lot of people coming in have the typical symptoms we see with the virus or COVID as far as cough and shortness of breath, runny nose and that sort of thing," Neighborhood Medical Center’s Dr. Martin McElway said.

McElway said in the last week the number of people coming to get tested has more than doubled.

“It's gone up like a skyrocket,” McElway said. “We were seeing about 30 to 40 cars a day last week. Now we are seeing about 120 cars a day. So, it's gone up significantly."

McElway said they are also seeing a concerning trend increase.

"We had 3 to 4% positivity rate just a month ago,” McElway said. “Now we are looking at about a 14% positivity rate which is really quite high and pretty alarming."

Neighborhood Medical Center Dallas says they are seeing a lot of kids too.

Some are going to summer camps that require a test. Others are returning home and parents want the test for peace of mind.

Mcelway recommended if you feel sick go ahead and get tested. He said knowing your status can help.

"If you know you can protect those around you that you love,” McElway said. “You can protect those around you at work. It just helps to bring down the level of the virus in the community the more people get tested."

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