More People Buying Dashcams for Protection, Proof

There's nothing better than having a great story to tell and the pictures to prove it.

Sure, dashcams do that, but they also provide protection and proof when you need it most.

Imagine getting home and having to explain a crash to your insurance company. Joe Hawblitzel said that's exactly why he bought one.

At 70-years-old he's still not afraid to try out new toys. The self-decribed "tech nerd" has not one, but two, dashcams.

"I like to be able to prove what happened if there is an accident," said Hawblitzel.

Set up on his front windshield, the cameras are his documentation.

Chad Mitchell, with State Farm Insurance, said he's probably right. Dashcams are playing a new and crucial role in insurance claim cases.

"It gives us more information, other than just a police report, or a witness statement, or even a statement from our insurer, to go off of," said Mitchell.

The Consumer Technology Association said shipments of the cameras increased 10 to 15 percent over two years.

More customers are buying the cameras for safety rather than fun video.

"We didn't sell a lot of dashcams at all a couple years ago -- now we sell quite a few a month," said Ben Marr, with National Auto Sound & Security.

It's a piece of technology Joe Hawblitzel said more people will turn to. They provide proof of that crazy commute and a little piece of mind.

Single cameras can go for as little as $50 while a multi-camera setup, including front and rear cameras, can cost several hundred dollars.

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