More Hidden Cameras Found in North Texas Restaurants

Hidden cameras found inside restrooms at  two Irving restaurants are now being attributed to a man who admitted to installing one in a Grapevine Braum's.

NBC 5 obtained documents stating two cameras, disguised as door hooks, were found in the ladies restroom at the Corner Bakery on the 7400 block of N. MacArthur Boulevard.

A customer hung her purse from a hook and it fell. When a store employee looked at the hook she uncovered the cameras.

Andrew Boden, 64, was arrested  Monday and admitted to police he hid a camera in the women’s bathroom at Braum’s in Grapevine. Boden also told authorities that he placed cameras in several other locations according to a search warrant affidavit investigators released on Tuesday.

The hidden cameras found so far have been fashioned to look like door hooks or electrical outlets.

Inside one of the devices were 10 videos. Police said in the first video, they saw Boden leaving the bathroom. The discovery was made in August 2013.

Then, just blocks away, in February of this year, a key-fob sized device was found under the sink at a Starbucks on the 5900 block of N. MacArthur Boulevard. No videos were found on the device.

“You don’t really think about that, now that somebody has told me that that’s happened, I would think about that before I went into a restroom at a restaurant or public place,” said Kathy Cronan of Irving.

Police told NBC 5 that they are investigating Boden’s work place, Pioneer Natural Resources, where they believe he hid cameras as well.

Below, Susan Spratlen, VP of Communication at Pioneer Natural Resources provided this statement:

"Pioneer is aware of the allegations and is cooperating with law enforcement personnel. I can confirm that Andrew Boden is no longer employed with the company. Due to the ongoing criminal investigation, further comment would not be appropriate at this time."

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