More Hate Mail Targets Hispanics in Garland

Police investigating letters as hate crime

Two more threatening letters targeting Hispanics have turned up in Garland mailboxes, bringing the total number to six.

“Basically, it says we want you to leave Texas, also you should leave America, and then as you read through, it gets more derogatory,” said Garland Police officer Joe Harn.

Detectives are testing the letters for fingerprints, and say the typed letters all read the same, are postmarked from Ft. Worth, and have no return address.

“We don't see any ties between the families, other than they live in the same area, and are all Hispanic,” said Officer Harn.

Garland City Councilor Laura Perkins Cox represents the working-class neighborhood where homeowners are receiving the hate mail.

“It is profane, hateful, ignorant and it is not at all what we are about here in Garland,” said Perkins Cox.

At her request, the Garland City Council passed a resolution, condemning racism.

“It is simply a statement by the Garland City Council that these kind of acts of intimidation and hatred, are not welcome in this community,” she said.

The resolution passed unanimously at Tuesday night's regularly scheduled council meeting.

Police are asking anyone else who may have received the letter to report it immediately.

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