More Dallas Police Officers Transferring to Fort Worth, Pay a Major Factor

A new transfer class of Fort Worth police officers was sworn in Friday, including eight former Dallas police officers.

A big factor for many officers making the move is money. Starting pay in Fort Worth is $54,300, compared to just under $45,000 for the Dallas Police Department.

Friday's class was the city's fourth transfer class in the past year-and-a-half. Eighty percent of the officers are coming from Dallas, for a total of 27 officers DPD has lost to Fort Worth in that time.

In fact, Dallas Police Association leaders say their starting pay is easily the lowest in the Metroplex.

"Thirteen years with the Dallas Police Department and he worked patrol, detectives and crimes against children unit," said a Fort Worth Police commanding officer, reading off the resume of a new FWPD officer.

"They're now part of the Fort Worth family and you'll be treated the Fort Worth way," said Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald. "We'll expect a lot of them, but we'll take good care of them."

The officers talked about the support they've received from their new command staff.

"The members of the police department have truly shown us what it means to be valued and respected," said one of the new officers.

The Dallas Police Association is just starting negotiations with the city to try to close the pay gap, knowing the experience DPD is losing.

"They've been out there on the street. They know what they're doing, and it's a tremendous loss to the city when you lose that type of talent," said Dallas Police Association president Ron Pinkston.

Never has it been more clear what officers lay on the line every day and as Dallas police watch more talent slip away, supporters say it's time to back the blue with green.

The new FWPD graduates started their training six weeks ago. So it's been a very difficult time for them to be away from the DPD.

DPD should have a new contract by October, with newly-negotiated salaries.

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