More Couples Speak Out After Wedding Venue Abruptly Closes

When Alfonso Herrera laid his eyes on Madeline Howell, he knew she was the one.

The couple has three kids, and in November, they planned to celebrate their union at Noah's Event Venue in Plano.

"The last thing, last thing you have on your mind is your venue is going to go out of business and leave you hanging," he said.

But that's exactly what happened.

Back in May, the business filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and last week, Herrera and his fiancé learned their venue would be closing.

Herrera said he paid the venue about $8,000, but management is only offering up to $2,800 in refunds.

"They continued to take our money as late as two weeks ago and that's the part that bothers us the most," he said." It doesn't pass the smell test."

We've heard from other affected couples who are now scrambling. 

So far, we've learned locations in Plano, Richardson, Sugar Land, Louisville, Kentucky and Auburn Hills, Michigan will close next month.

There are three other locations in North Texas that are said to remain open: Fairview, Fort Worth and Irving.

But those are listed in the bankruptcy documents, as well, leaving customers there with great concern.

"Having to look for another venue 100 days from now adds stress from an already stressful process," Herrera said.

He said he feels swindled, but will do all he can to salvage the day and keep his bride calm.

In a statement, Noah's event venue said that their hearts were broken, and they weren't able to come to an agreement with several of their landlords, which is why they had to close those locations.

The company is trying to re-organize its finances so they can keep their remaining locations open.

If you've been affected by the closures, click here.

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