More Blame, More Delays as Hike-and-Bike Side of Dallas' Newest Calatrava Bridge Remains Closed

City manager: bridge cables show signs of "premature fatigue"

Pedestrians and pedalists should be using the Margaret McDermott Bridge by now, as "mid-2017" — the originally announced opening date — has morphed into mid-2018. But now it's not clear when that side of the bridge over the Trinity River will open.

In January it was revealed there has been a long-running multi-agency dispute over the hike-and-bike portion of the $115 million bridge, where a system anchoring the arches' cables to the bridge has been damaged by high winds. A fix was thought to be on the horizon just six months ago. No longer.

That's according to letters Dallas' city manager sent to the City Council, which offer fresh insight into the ongoing back-and-forth among city staff, the Texas Department of Transportation and the supervising engineering firm tasked with finding a fix.

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