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Months After Downsizing, Family Avoids Rising Rent, Finds Peace Living in an RV

More than four months in, the family is finding that less is more

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Housing costs and inflation worries continue forcing some families to make tough choices to make ends meet. 

NBC 5 followed up with a North Texas family that made a plan to sell all of their belongings and move into an RV to avoid rising rent prices.

Lacie and Lorne Washington rushed to downsize drastically to move out of their apartment before their rent jumped 20% over the summer. The couple also shared their journey on social media.

"Last time I talked to you, you were still selling your things. Those things are sold, you have moved, what was it like, getting to this point," NBC 5's Brittney Johnson asked.

"Eh, it wasn't too bad. We had some leftover stuff, but we got rid of a majority of it," said Lorne. "Just adjusting to going from 1,800 square feet to like 40 feet, it's a difference."

A big difference. They squeezed their entire family into the same amount of space they had in their old living room. It helps that all of the children are rarely there at the same time.

"It's a very open floor plan with the dogs and the kids, we couldn't have anything to close it off. So we got four bunk beds and the couch that they can sleep on," Lacie said.

More than four months in, the family is finding that less is more.

"I am, like, there's such a weight lifted off of our shoulders. I just told him a week ago was like, 'I'm finally like, happy. Like, we're not stressing, our fridge is always full,'" said Lacie. We're actually saving money, my credit score is going up."

Having fewer bills also leaves more money for kids' activities.

"My daughter just started playing club volleyball. And we wouldn't have been able to pay for that before. I need new shoes. I need the pads. I need this. I need that. And I'm just able to do it. And before it was like, how, how the heck am I going to do it? So it's a lot more YES!

They admit that RV life with a blended family of eight is not always easy.

"Like the flies, always trying to come in," Lorne said.

But the change is allowing them to work less, spend more time together, and plan for the future their way.

"My American dream is not being a debt, not stressing and just living comfortably and just enjoying life, not worrying about paying, like dying to pay bills and copy the Joneses. I'm not here for the Joneses. I'm here for Team Washington," Lorne said.

The family is saving more than $1,000 a month on rent and utilities alone. They've also inspired others. Lacie said her best friend also moved into the same RV Park.

The cost of housing in Dallas-Fort Worth is driving some families to downsize drastically.
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