Monthly Harvest at Oak Cliff Bookstore Serves Hundreds of People for Free

The bookstore started to host the giveaways in April

The first Saturday of every month you can find hundreds of people outside of Pan-African Connection Bookstore Art Gallery and Resource Center.

The reason? Free fruits and vegetables.

The bookstore partners with Harvest Project Food Rescue to collect food that different food companies are about to throw away.

Akwete Tyehimba, the owner of the bookstore, said the staff sorts through all the food and makes sure it's in good condition to eat before giving it away.

"It's an opportunity for us to allow people to have access to healthy food and teach us not to throw away good food,' Tyehimba said.

The bookstore started to do the giveaways in April.

Last month's event brought in around 600 people.

"It has grown huge, huge, huge… it gets bigger every month," she said.

Anyone is welcome to come to the harvest, and to take all the produce they can carry. 

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