Month-Old Storm Debris Now Fire Hazard: Residents

Piles of dead branches and tree limbs left from a June storm have yet to be picked by the city after nearly a month, East Dallas residents said.

Neighbors said the debris in their front yard has been out for so long, it's a fire hazard.

"It's too hot, and everything is too dry, and I think it could cause grass or house fires," said Lakewood resident Schanen Micholas.

Residents said the city asked them to gather tree limbs and branches torn down by the June 11 storm and put them in neat piles on or near their sidewalks.

The Dallas Fire Department said such stacks of dry wood and leaves are a recipe for disaster.

Jason Evans, a Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman, said the piles could go up in flames in a matter of seconds if someone accidentally threw a cigarette onto one.

The city of Dallas said the debris will be picked up during the monthly bulk trash pickup. The sanitation department said the damage wasn't widespread enough to merit a special pickup day.

Residents can call 311 if they don't know when their bulk trash pickup day is. Residents can also get the debris removed sooner -- for a fee.

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