Montague Co. Tornado Destroys Home, Country Club

Sheriff says he believes three tornadoes hit the area

An EF-1 tornado near Amon Carter Lake south of Bowie destroyed a home and a country club and damaged four other homes.

Roy Chapmond said he saw the tornado barreling down on his home at about dinnertime. He and his wife took cover in an interior bathroom.

"The roof just went off, and the walls just collapsed, and we were just standing there -- not a scratch," he said. "You didn't have time to be scared; it was over in like 30 seconds."

The National Weather Service on Thursday said the twister was an EF-1 tornado with winds of up to 100 mph.

Neighbors say they saw it travel from the lake to the Chapmond home, tearing up trees and homes along the way. Most of the homes only had roof and siding damage, Chapmond's house, which he built less than a year ago, was a total loss.

He and his wife said their insurance agent informed them that the damage to their house and classic car collection would be covered.

"They're going to put us up until our home's rebuilt, over and above our insurance. Everything's taken care of," Chapmond said.

But he and his wife made it out OK, which is the real reason to smile, he said.

"Thank God. We love the Lord, and we'll be fine," he said.

The Top O The Lake Country Club's main building was also destroyed in the storm.

"This storm kind of came up unexpectedly," country club owner Greg Underwood said.

Club staff had just closed up for the day and left when the storm ripped the back and roof of the clubhouse completely off, uprooted a giant tree in the back and tore up the golf course.

"It would cost probably $850,000 to $900,000 to replace it, and I don't have that much insurance on it," said Underwood, while looking at the clubhouse.

He said he doesn't know what they will do to replace the building but said the club would clean up the golf course in time for a charity tournament this weekend.

"The golf course is going to continue in the end -- we're confident about that," he said.

The Montague County sheriff says he believes as many as three tornadoes hit the county Wednesday night. He said there also was roof and tree damage near Nocona and rural damage near Belcherville that didn't affect any homes.

No major injuries were reported in the county.

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