Dallas Zoo

Monorail Remains Closed at Dallas Zoo

The monorail at the Dallas Zoo is closed for its second full day after a power surge left people stranded on Wednesday.

The Dallas Fire Department had to rescue 48 guests down from the 24-year-old ride.

Wednesday's power surge caused the monorail to stop 12-feet off the ground in the Woodlands Habitat.

The stranded guests had to wait less than an hour to get off the monorail. While they waited zoo employees provided snacks and water.

Zoo officials said they are not sure when the monorail will reopen.

"On Wednesday we had that external event, the power surge, and Oncor verified that with us, so we are still looking over the ride right now and accessing it more internally," said Sean Greene, Dallas Zoo vice president of guest experiences.

Green said they plan to provide more information on the future of the monorail sometime Friday.

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