Ben Russell

Mom Posts Sign to Shame ‘Low Life' Who Stole Child's Bike

A Dallas mom has a strong message for the person who stole her 7-year-old daughter's bicycle.

She has it written on a piece of poster board and secured to the pine tree out front of her Pleasant Grove home.

The sign reads:

"To the person that stole my daughter’s new bike, I hope you are proud of yourself for making a seven year old child cry. Congratulations, you have succeeded in becoming a low life!!! – One pi--ed off Mom"

"She's only had it for a month, so I was really angry," said Tommi Mika, the woman who posted the sign. "It makes me very mad."

Someone stole the Hello Kitty!-themed bicycle belonging to Mika's daughter Lorelai some time after dark Monday night. The girl's bike was taken from the family's front porch on the 8600 block of Woodcastle.

"It makes me sad," the second grader said. "Because that bike, it was mine. It's not theirs. It's mine. If it wasn't theirs they shouldn't have stole it."

"I'm tired of people taking my daughter's stuff, you know?" Tommi Mika told NBCDFW about why she posted the sign. "So I posted that hoping whoever would see it, whoever stole it, would see it and maybe they'd feel bad about it."

"I doubt we're gonna get the bike back, but maybe they'd feel bad and realize that maybe next time they'll think twice before stealing from a child," Tommi Mika added.

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