Mold Causes Health Issues For Duncanville Family

In the parking lot of a Duncanville hotel, Natasha Polk's entire life is in her car. Clothes, toiletries and her two kids that she says continue to suffer after an extended exposure to dangerous mold.

Polk said her and her kids have been living in hotels for the last month after being forced to leave their rental home because of a mold infestation.

"They kept getting sick, when we would be out the house they'd be just fine, when we'd come back the coughing, itching, nose bleeds would all start again," Polk said.

A water leak in 2016 is when she remembers the problems began, her landlord she says dismissed the mold and would not make timely repairs.

Then in 2019, her kid's symptoms began to worsen. The family doctor even wrote a letter to the landlord urging him to address the mold, calling being around it "potentially life threatening exposure."

Earlier this month, a third-party inspector found evidence of dangerous mold toxins inside the home, according to a report given to Polk.

Polk said she lost her job last month after taking too many days off to take care of her kids.

"I'm their mom, I have to take care of them and if I'm not able then you leave me feeling worthless," Polk said.

NBC 5 has so far been unable to get in contact with Polks landlord. 

It’s important for renters to know that they do have rights, per Texas law. Our Consumer Investigative Reporter Samantha Chatman reported on tips that every renter needs to know. You can click here to read that story.

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