Missing Richardson Woman's Boyfriend Accused of Murder

Richardson police have arrested a man after his girlfriend disappeared several days ago.

Bardwell Family
Jessie Bardwell

Jason Michael Lowe is in the Richardson City Jail, charged with murder, according to police.

His girlfriend, 27-year-old Jessie Bardwell, was last seen over the weekend.

Officers said Lowe was first arrested on Thursday on several drug charges, but a murder charged was added on Friday afternoon after police felt they had enough evidence to suspect foul play was involved in Bardwell's disappearance.

"Through the course of our conversation with Mr. Lowe we found some discrepancies in what he had been telling us and what we have been able to find out. And that is part of the case that we are able to build so far," said Sgt. Kevin Perlich with the Richardson Police Dept. That's why he has been charged in the manner that he has," said Sergeant Kevin Perlich.

Bardwell's parents called police Monday when they hadn't heard from her.

Police are actively search for Bardwell, but are treating this as a homicide case.

"We're following up on tips that we're getting, any information or leads that we have and we are trying to find her. Until we do, this will be an open investigation," Perlich said.

Bardwell moved to Richardson from Alabama back in December. She's originally from Mississippi.

NBC 5's Cory Smith contributed to this report.

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