Missing Mother, Children Found Safe

The search for a Dallas mother and her four children has ended with all five found safe, according to the woman's brother.

Kenneth Gordon tells NBC 5 he was contacted by a Dallas detective who told him his sister, Katrina Hernandez, and her four children were located and are okay. Gordon said he was given no more information and is still waiting to hear from his sister directly.

Hernandez told her brother two weeks ago that the family was leaving their southeast Dallas home to buy a car and leave for Michigan. The family was traveling with an unknown friend, police say.

Gordon said his sister told him that she was first headed to Fort Worth with at least $4,8000 in cash to buy a car in Fort Worth that she had found on Craigslist.

Gordon had a couple of phone conversations with Hernandez early in the trip, but there has been no communication in two weeks.

But neighbors say no one has lived in Hernandez's southeast Dallas home in about two months. The house is completely boarded up, and neighbors say they have not seen the family since January.

Neighbors say Hernandez's former husband or former boyfriend was recently deported to Mexico.

"It's kind of sad, but I don't think she's missing," neighbor Nancy Tapia said. "I think she went after her boyfriend in Mexico."

But police have not released any information that suggests Hernandez or her children have crossed the border.

Gordon said it was not something his sister would do.

"It's not like her to disappear like this," he said. "She would have called."

NBC 5's Eric King contributed to this report.

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