Mislabeled Electric Meter Causes Confusion For Customers

It's not unusual you think your power bill is just too high.

Many of us ask ourselves how we could be using so much.

Linda Mims was in her apartment on a Friday when all the power went out.

All her neighbor’s lights were still on, but hers were out and her meter had a big red tag on it.

She called the City of Garland's utility department and no one could tell her why the red tag was on her electric meter.

Until they realized her neighbor had moved out and had her power turned off.

The power company had the meter numbers wrong.

Linda was getting her neighbors bill and the neighbor was getting hers.

Garland got the power back on and gave both Linda and her former neighbor a credit.

The City Of Garland's utility department told us, “Ms. Mims is an excellent Garland Power & Light customer and we apologize for the time she spent dealing with the situation we caused and the inconvenience of being without electric service power for several hours.”

NBC 5 has heard of several cases in our Consumer Investigative Center lately of mislabeled meters, across the area, especially in apartments, and townhomes.

Most meters have an ID number. Go outside find yours and look for it on your power bill and make sure they're the same. If you don't see a meter number, call your power company and they should be able to help.

You could be paying for someone else to run their a/c all day and not even know it.

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