Minority Leaders Ask for Change at DPD

Police chief meets with NAACP, LULAC

NAACP and LULAC leaders met with Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle to ask for more sensitivity training and a change in the way the department trains its officers.

Leaders said a recent string of incidents involving Dallas officers, including the Robert Powell/Ryan Moats case, spurred the meeting.

"We're concerned that any individual in Dallas would be treated this way, and it needs to be rectified." said Ray De Los Santos, of LULAC.

Juanita Wallace, president of NAACP Dallas, told Kunkle she also has certain concerns with recruits. Her organization wants stricter rules for education and training for new officers.

"If you recruit correctly, hire correctly, train correctly, then you're going to have a win-win situation for everybody," she said.

The now infamous dash-cam video involving Powell's March 2009 traffic stop of Moats was also discussed. Wallace said she wanted to make sure Dallas police is doing all it can to rid the ranks of insensitive police officers.

"If there is a Powell -- just one Powell -- there are several Powells in the department, and they need to be weeded out," she said.

The Dallas Police Department's second-in-command, Assistant Chief D.O. Brown, said the meeting went well. He said he is working to put together an advisory board for community groups to voice their concerns to the department.

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