Minor Repairs Could Have Major Impact in Dallas’ Loose Dog Fight

According to a city-commissioned report, a majority of southern Dallas' approximately 8,700 loose dogs have owners who are not doing enough to keep them in their yard.

This weekend Habitat for Humanity and the DAWG Project will be in South Dallas making minor repairs to rundown fences at nearly a half-dozen homes.

Stephanie Timko, president of the DAWG Project, said those minor repairs can have a major impact on solving the loose dog problem.

"Fixing a panel here, repairing a fence there can change a dog's quality of life in a big way. We want to show the city that it doesn't take a lot to do this," she said.

The materials will be donated by Lowe's. Timko hopes the city will see the results of the work and throw some funding behind the pilot program and expand it to other areas in the southern sector.

Maria Gonzalez can't wait for the work to start on her home on Collins Avenue. Her dog, Daisy, has to be tethered in her backyard to keep her from escaping through the holes in the family's fence.

After her most recent attempt, Gonzalez' father tried to repair the opening using an electric cord. She said the repairs will not only give her peace of mind but will also give Daisy more freedom.

"If we were to do it we'd probably have to put a lot of time and money in it. Having small ones, we really don't have much time to do that, so it's actually a good thing," she said. "Get the fence fixed so that she can wander free in the yard, without worrying about getting out."

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