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Dallas Zoo Welcomes First Milky Eagle Owl Chick

Hodari is the Dallas Zoo's first milky eagle owl chick

The Dallas Zoo welcomed a milky eagle owl earlier this month.
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The Dallas Zoo has welcomed another feathered friend to its bird entourage — a milky eagle owl.

Hodari, whose name means "mighty" in Swahili, is the zoo's first milky eagle owl chick. The 18-day-old chick came as an egg from Atlanta, but hatched at the Dallas Zoo earlier this month.

The milky eagle owl is native to sub-Saharan Africa and is the largest of the African owl species. They are also the only owl with pink eyelids, according to the zoo.

Though she's still behind the scenes, Hodari will be a member of the zoo's animal ambassador family, and will take part in the wildlife show in the ZooNorth amphitheater.

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