Fort Worth

Military Aircraft Hide From Hurricane Matthew at NASJRB


The Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth is serving as a safe haven for military aircraft based in Florida trying to avoid Hurricane Matthew.

Various military aircraft from Homestead Air Reserve Base and Naval Air Station Jacksonville started arriving in Fort Worth Wednesday.

Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons and Navy P-8 Poseidons arrived Wednesday, Navy P-3 Orions, Marine Corps F-18 Super Hornets and Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons will arrive Thursday.

NAS Fort Worth JRB has been designated as a continuity of operations site during hurricane season. The base will be a safe haven for aircraft and personnel along the Gulf and Southeast Coasts.

Fort Worth's base was used as a safe haven during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Gustav in 2008.

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