Metroplex Medical Mystery: One Dead, Two Briefly in Comas

Police in Irving and Hurst are looking into a strange weekend incident that left one man dead and two others hospitalized.  It started Saturday when Irving Police and paramedics were called to an apartment building in Las Colinas.  A 25 year old woman treated there eventually slipped into a coma.

Police talked to the woman's roommate, and the 30 yer old man told them he didn't know what was wrong with her.  Police say the man appeared to be fine, but within hours he also collapsed and went into a coma.

Later in the day, in Hurst, police found a man who spent time with the two Irving victims dead inside his home.  Investigators in Irving say there were no obvious signs of what might have caused the first two victims to become ill.  Police in Hurst say they're still looking at the possibility that drugs were involved, possibly GHB at a party the three attended over the weekend.

Investigators are waiting for a report from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner, hoping to learn more about what happened.  The two surviving victims eventually re-gained consciousness and are expected to be okay.

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