Jack Highberger

Mesquite Police Investigate Alleged Carjacking, Robbery

Mesquite police are investigating after a teenager says she was carjacked and robbed as part of an elaborate setup.

Delaina Temple said she was out Saturday with a friend and two girls she'd never met. After her friend left, she said the two girls asked for a ride home, but when they arrived at the Hillcrest Apartments in Mesquite where they allegedly lived, a man jumped in the car and demanded her phone and purse.

"I tried to reach for it back and he said, 'I'm going to hit you if you try and grab your phone again,'" Temple said.

Then Temple said she was forced from the car and one of the girls who had grabbed her keys took off and stole her car.

"I was just going to give them a ride home and they set me up, and it's just so disturbing someone could do this to another person," she said.

Mesquite police confirmed the car was stolen and said they were investigating.

Temple said the experience has shaken her trust in people and serves as yet another reminder to be careful when going out at night.

"This has definitely made me realize you cannot trust anyone," she said.

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