Mesquite PD Helps College-Bound Police Explorer

The Mesquite Police Department has come through big time for a young lady who sees a future in police work.

Jaquelin Jamaica has been a Mesquite PD Explorer for two years now.

This year, she was one of only fifty explorers from around the nation chosen to take part in the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Explorer Academy in Virginia.

The police department sponsored the 18-year-old’s trip, which included her first plane ride.

Jaquelin got to learn all about law enforcement practices, physical training and leadership.

But that’s not all.

Mesquite Crime Prevention Officer Torrey Rhone and his wife helped the high school senior.

Jaquelin came to Rhone in February for help to apply to colleges.

Together, they filled out applications.

Rhone also reviewed her college entry essays.

Rhone says she was accepted to about six colleges.

He and his wife then helped Jaquelin find enough grant money to cover the cost of her first full year of school.

“It’s pretty amazing because I come from a family that didn’t go to college,” said Jaquelin. “They have no idea how the process works or anything like that. So just getting help from [Rhone] really helped me a lot.”

Jaquelin says she’s the first person in her family to graduate high school.

“My goal is to help the next generation,” said Rhone. “I had somebody looking out for me to help me. When a child says ‘hey, this is my dream.’ It’s kind of my responsibility to believe in your dream, to help you achieve your dream. There was no way I was going to not let her succeed, to fall by the wayside. She’s a gifted, talented young lady who graduated in the top percent of her class and she just needed some help.”

Jaquelin says she will be attended the University of North Texas in Dallas this fall.

UNT Dallas happens to be Rhone’s alma mater.

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