Mesquite Neighbors Fed Up With Trash

People living in a Mesquite neighborhood say city policy and neighbors are all contributing to a trash problem.

In the City of Mesquite, trash bins are not provided by the city as in neighboring cities like Dallas and Garland.

On Houston Drive and Alexandria Street trash is visible in both the alley ways, yards and street.

“All we ask is that residents put their trash in a trash can and put the lid on it or put it in a bag and tie the bag,” said Wayne Larson, a spokesman for the City of Mesquite.

But trash very often is not properly put out and ends up blowing in the wind. Neighbors, city employees and volunteers will often pick up the trash themselves but neighbors believe the only viable long term solution is for the city to provide trash bins.

“It’s amazing to me that all the cities around Mesquite have (trash) receptacles and they don’t have the problems we have in our community,” said Henry Brown, who lives in the neighborhood and has led efforts to pick up trash.

The City of Mesquite says they are looking into policy changes that could increase enforcement or possibly include city provided trash bins. Mesquite does currently provide free recycling bins to all residents.

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