#SomethingGood: Mesquite Girls Feed the Homeless Through Lemonade Stand

The cousins and their mothers have raised nearly $2,000 to feed the homeless

Two children excited to take advantage of a new state law found success in helping their community.

Mallorie and Brookelynn Iwu, 7-year-old cousins from Mesquite, are working to feed the homeless through their lemonade stand sales.

Several new laws went into effect in Texas on Sept. 1. Among them is deregulation of certain lemonade stands. Minors using temporary lemonade stands on private property or in public parks do not require a license.

However, the Iwu girls' lemonade stand isn't just for money in their pockets. It's to help their community.

"We were going to help people who are homeless," Mallorie Iwu said.

Before the law went into effect, the two would set up at family events and private parties. Through their lemonade stand and their non-profit, Mother Daughter Brown Bags of Hope, the cousins and their mothers have raised nearly $2,000 to feed the homeless.

Marshay Iwu, Mallorie’s mom and Brookelynn’s aunt, said the 7-year-olds are just thankful they will be able to help even more people.

"They're kids! I mean, why would you restrict kids from doing something, especially when they are trying to give back to the homeless?" asked Marshay Iwu, an attorney in Mesquite.

From the beginning, Marshay Iwu has understood the law and where the girls could and could not set up their lemonade stand.

"In my field, you know there are a lot of laws where I feel why would we have to comply with this when its actually hurting more than its providing good?" she said. "I was actually really excited when they said that there would be no more requirements for that, and they can now just have a lemonade stand."

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