Mesquite Apartment Residents Without AC Again

Air conditioning has once again been cut off to some people who live at Hillcrest Apartments in Mesquite.

Apartment complex officials sent out a notice to the residents who would be impacted earlier this week, indicating they will be without air conditioning for 7 to 8 hours Tuesday and without electricity for an hour.

Crews are working on a permanent fix for the chiller. Residents went without air conditioning for seven days in early June. 

“It broke again, and then they had to get back out here and fix it again," resident Tammy Muse said. "It’s been 15 days since this all has started.”

Muse started a petition within the apartment community to be reimbursed for the days they have been without air conditioning. LEDIC Management Group officials have not yet responded to the notarized petition.

Apartment employees put up a canopy with chairs and tables for people to take a break from their apartments while the air is off. They also told NBC 5 they will make snacks and drinks available to residents and keep the pool open.

Some residents decided not to wait for Tuesday's repairs, instead picking up emergency move-out forms so they can leave the apartment complex immediately.

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