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Men From Viral Video Talk About Successful Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant in Fort Worth that was announced in a viral video on social media is a success.

On Wednesday, Graham McMillan donated a kidney to his friend Danny Kolzow. Video of McMillan surprising Kolzow to tell him he was a match has since gone viral; McMillan said it's been viewed two million times on various social media outlets.

Thursday, for the first time, both men discussed their faith, friendship, and how this experience has been incredible.

Two men involved in a video that went viral talked for the first time since Wednesday’s kidney transplant surgery in Fort Worth.

McMillan's wife, Claire says, in the beginning, her husband didn't immediately tell her he was going to donate.

"So we had like a little bit of conflict there," said Claire McMillan. "I was like 'hey hun, next time you're thinking about giving away a part of your body, like, just let me know, clue me in, that'd be great.'"

She said she's been supportive since the beginning, and their faith has played a key role in guiding them through the transplant.

Thursday, roughly 24 hours after the surgery, their family recorded video of the two (slowly) walking toward each other for the first time. They hugged, and stayed in an embrace for roughly 30 seconds.

"Walking down the hall and seeing Danny's face and smile, knowing that he's got more years of life is worth all of it," said McMillan.

They also Facetimed earlier in the day from different hospital rooms, and both admit that it was emotional.

"One of the happiest moments of my life, being able to tell my best friend, my hero, that just 'thank you,'" said Kolzow.

"I feel awesome now. I have the knowledge that I'm not dying anymore," said McMillan. "I'm getting better everyday."

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