Mayor Tosses Gay Protestors Out of Council Meeting

Mayor Moncrief asks disruptive protestors to be removed from council chambers

Some members of a gay rights group were thrown out of the Fort Worth City Council meeting Tuesday night after interrupting the proceeding.

An overflow crowd attended the meeting to protest the June 28 raid on the Rainbow Lounge in which one man was seriously injured.

Several members of Queer LiberAction didn't want to wait until the the end of the meeting to comment and interrupted the mayor. Commenting on the Rainbow Lounge incident, one man shouted they shouldn't have to wait until the end of the meeting to be heard.

"It's been over two weeks," one person said. "We want answers now."

But Mayor Mike Moncrief said public comments are always last on the agenda. Then the man and another person kept arguing with the mayor, and several others outside the room started shouting, "Hear us now!"

All were escorted from the building.

Moncrief said people can agree and disagree, but City Council meetings are conducted in a respectful manner.

"In the six years that I've been your mayor, that's the first time I've ever asked anyone to be removed from this council chamber. And I want it to be the last," he said.

Earlier, Moncrief said Fort Worth is an inclusive city, repeating a call for a federal review of the city's investigation.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and Fort Worth Police Department each have started investigations into the incident at the gay bar.

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