Melting Ice Damages Driver’s Windshield on Highway

A woman's vehicle was damaged by ice flying off of another vehicle while driving in Collin County on Monday.

Amy Campi said she was driving south on U.S. Highway 75 when ice fell from an sports utility vehicle in a neighboring lane and flew onto her car.

“I see ice flying through the air, like a big sheet of ice. Like, I tried to swerve, and I couldn't get out of the way,” said Campi. “There was glass all over the side of the car, my lap and the passenger seat.”

Campi’s car needed repairs and is now in the shop. The windshield was smashed in, the hood and roof of her car damaged as well.

The driver of the SUV never stopped. Campi said it’s a huge inconvenience and something that was completely preventable, though she is glad she wasn't injured.

“This takes an extra 15 minutes or so, to clean the ice off your car and to prevent injury to someone else,” said Campi. “ I feel very lucky that I was not hurt, like, seriously.”

Plano officials are concerned about public safety as warmer temperatures melt ice across North Texas. 

In Plano, the north side of the municipal building was coned off after pieces of ice fell from the roof of the building.

Plano officials released a stated urging people to use caution when headed to city parks.

“Residents and park users should avoid the use of parks, athletic sites, trails, and park facilities until park crews have identified potential hazards and removed damaged trees and fallen limbs/debris. Caution is advised when using trails or pedestrian bridges since ice or slippery areas may remain,” the statement read.

City officials plan to access the parks this week and start clean up as soon as possible.

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