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Texas Connects Us: Meet Frisco's Snow Cone Lady

The Snow Cone Lady is a fixture on Elm Street in Frisco

There are lots of snow cone stands in North Texas, but few may pack as much flavor as The Snow Cone Lady in Frisco.

“I’m ornery sometimes and sometimes I’m as sweet as my snow cones,” said Mary Mathis.

For 35 years, Mathis has been a fixture in Frisco. Known to most people as The Snow Cone Lady, it’s not uncommon for people to drive from all over to visit her stand on Elm Street.

“I don’t think any other snow cone has this flavor and the ice is good,” said Jennifer Blythe of San Antonio, who made a stop while visiting family in Frisco.

Over the years Mathis has developed more than 50 home-made syrups.

She compares herself to a mad scientist, waking up early in the morning to mix flavors and test new ones.

“It’s in the way I blend them. Hours and hours of blending,” said Mathis. “I don’t mean to brag, but I think they just taste better.”

That confidence came after an uncertain start. Mathis started the stand when she was a single mom in need of a way to provide for her family. And she’s kept it going, keeping prices low, to provide other parents a break.

“I try really hard to think about what people need in their life,” said Mathis. “They need happiness. They need their kids. And they need to see their kids smile.”

MORE: The Snow Cone Lady opens at 2 p.m. daily from April to early fall. The stand posts daily updates on their Facebook page.

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