Meet Collin County's ‘Rambling Redhead' Blogger

A stay at home mom in Collin County is embracing "Life as A Rambling Redhead." 

Jennifer Todyrk really is a redhead, and the blog is her humorous take on raising two children aged four and two.

"I took to my blog after I had kids, just as an outlet," Todyrk said. "I did writing at night, for fun, just kind of a release of energy. And I realized I was talking about explosive poopy diapers on my hands, under my nails and on my face. And in the moment, you want to shrivel up and die, but when you reread it, I thought it was kind of funny and I'm glad I had the memories."

Todryk wrote a blog in September 2015 that gained traction.

"It was called, "Top Six Wines to Pair With Your Child's Crappy Behavior," and I wrote this because my husband was out of town, and I was talking to him on the phone," Todryk said.

"I was just so frustrated. I'd just had my second baby. And my husband was like, 'you should write about wine pairings for the kind of day you had.' And I was like, 'I should do it with my kid's crappy behavior.' From that, I sat down that night and busted it out and published it," she said.

That blog got the attention of a publisher and ultimately led to her new book, "W(h)ine: 50 Perfect Wines to Pair with Your Child's Rotten Behavior."

"On two occasions in that book, I have the author's note that this is total sarcasm," Todryk added. "I need you to put on your best sarcastic pants when you read this because I'm not encouraging anyone to drink away your sorrows. It's just humor."

Page 55 in the book suggests pairing Rosado with a child's inability to share.

"Data shows that excessive use of the word 'MINE,' especially when screamed by a manic toddler, can definitely cause innocent mothers a great deal of stress," it read. "Rosado is bright and sweet, making this Spanish Rose' extremely easy to enjoy...unlike your rude toddler who is turning a fun play date into a freaking nightmare."

Todryk wrote her satirical look at motherhood in nine months and is in still in disbelief it how well it's been received. It's sold out three times on Amazon, she said.

Todryk also told us about a word she had to change from the title of her original blog.

"(The word) crappy does not exist in some languages, especially the UK, so I changed it to rotten," Todryk revealed.

And, for the record, the 28-year-old mother of a boy, 4, and a girl, 2, would not change the life she has now. 

"I quit my job. I wanted to stay home with my kids. My mom did. My grandma did. I just wanted to do that with my kids," she said.

And, they are the ones providing her with plenty of material.

"I take situations and feelings that are real and make them humorous. That's how I live life honestly."

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